The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store for 2019

This list contains the best Android applications for multiple purposes. If you are looking for what is best for your Android device then you are at the right place. The Google Play Store is an enormous home containing tons and dozens of applications that are bad and good all at the same time. So which ones are the best is the question that most users ask! So we have done some research for our users and narrowed down the list to few of the best applications available on the Google Play Store. So without further wait lets see which are best applications based on different categories that the Android users can get on Google Play Store right now.

Automation Apps


Automate is an application that is almost similar to Tasker as it brings automation at a device level on Android device though there is a visual twist. The users create flows that are build up of blocks and actions and they are created like a flow chart where they connect one task to another and the workflow is build through it. For powerful automation, Automate is the best app as there are above 300 blocks with actions included such as Bluetooth  GPS, NFC, Google Drive, Location, Time of Day, FTP, Wi-Fi and applications. The workflow can be made simple by using the flow of blocks or twists and turns can be added to make the flow complex such as the loops, action triggers, conditions and more in multiple ways. As soon as the conditions matches that the user have set up it starts automatically or the user can always utilize the manual controls through the shortcuts available on the home screen.

Browser Apps

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is a more efficient and easy yet simple version of Chrome Browser. This open source browser is built ln Chromium and is faster than flash himself. This application is filled with tons of pro functionalities.  The users can easily listen to YouTube videos in the background, block all the disturbing advertisements and trackers, move the address bar to the bottom of the page and can enjoy the night mode as well. All the websites and the app itself in the Kiwi Browser when turned to night mode shifts colors with text being white and background black. While the OLED screen feature makes the reading easier and better for the eyes.

Customization Apps

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker comes with a name that is kind of confusing. The name displays that it is a wallpaper making application but if we look what the app really does then the users will get to know that it is a complete and amazing home screen designer. The users can load their widgets as well as create customized widgets, presets, home screen setups that are completely unique and the way that you want and when applied it works as a wallpaper and not a widget. All the functions are interactive but works as a wallpaper the only problem is with the UI that is not very interesting and easy so the users can spend some time to get the hang of the working of the app and they will be good to go.

File Management Apps


AirDroid is a great application to move the files from computers to android devices and from android devices to computers without using cables or any other type of wires. Not only these but it comes with hundreds and hundreds of more features such as texting through computer, sharing of files and texts and more on clipboard between phone and computer and the functionality to back up everything on the device and much more. AirDroid is an application for all those who forget their wires or want to live a cable free life.

Health Apps

7 Minute Workout

For people who do not have time to workout, 7 minutes is a starting application for them. This application only requires 7 minutes of the users daily time to perform various exercises reducing the body fat and taking the body of the users towards a healthy life style. This app provides a kick start towards a healthier routine by intervening between the long rest hours with short and intense workouts with multiple types of exercises, daily reminders and more.

Keyboard Apps



Gboard is one of the best keyboard application available for android users and is usually built into the android devices beforehand. If it is not there then it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. This application features many options such as gesture based inputs, single inputs, auto correction modes, emoji suggestions, multiple themes and GIF searches as well. The Google Search feature included in the keyboard is the best option that by just typing the G button on the keyboard starts searching online and offline that can be easily copied and pasted on to the text box without opening up the browsers.

Launcher Apps

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher

There are many launchers available for android devices, similarly Evie is a pretty simple and speedy and fast launcher for Android. This app comes with standard home screen customization settings and search systems like no other application available. Once Evie launcher is installed the users can simply swipe down onto their Home Screen and then start typing their search that Evie launcher will show the relevant options for a specific application, web site, file  contact information or more results through a single application.

Media Apps

Google Photos

Google Photos

As many Google applications it is no doubt that Google Photos might be already installed as default on your Android device. Even if it is not there then it is worth giving this all a try. If we focus on basic features then it is an amazing yet impressive gallery application but it offers many other functions as well. Google Photos has unlimited storage for users having photos if a size below than 16 MP which is a great feature. The automatic back up feature allows the users to enjoy their photos on all of their devices without any hassle or losing them again.

Messaging Apps

Google Voice

Google voice has existed for a really long time but it was not much common as Google has left it in the wastes without giving it any upgrades and has neglected it over the years. Though this application is again back with awesome features and functions by a complete and amazing update of the Google Voice. This new version of application has been reimagined, refurbished and revitalized making it the best version to get free United States number that can be used from anyway around the world.

Music Apps



Spotify is a extremely powerful and popular music streaming service available for the android users to enjoy. Through this app the users can easily listen to radio, shuffle songs and play them from any artist they like, get to know about new music through advertisements completely for free. But if the listener wants to get rid of the advertisements and wants to enjoy the complete music streaming they can always buy the premium version for $9.99 as this also allows offline saving of songs. It is a great application to listen to specific songs without buying those songs.

Navigation Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps

All the android users reading this may have already experienced the Google Maps or they must have it preinstalled in their devices by default. Google Maps is a gold application when looking for standard maps and this application completely lives up to its reputation. This app has many amazing options and features such as adding stops in between routes, downloading of offline maps as well as satellite and normal map views and much more. This application is the leader of the navigation world and is providing with exact route according to the transport means of its users.

Phone/ Contacts Apps

Drupe Contacts

The dialing and contacts applications for android needs upgrades. Drupe Contacts is the best application to bring a dialer and a contact manager under single roof. By upgrading to Drupe Contacts the users will only need a single app that allows them to add their contacts, edit them, search them as well as quickly dial those contacts and manage the call logs and many more. The user interface is gesture based and once the app is running, the users can easily swipe from corner of their screen and their favorite contacts will show up on the left while the contacting mode will be shown on the right side of the screen. By just swiping left and right on the screen the users can easily initiate WhatsApp, Skype as well as normal calls and messages from the Drupe Contacts.

Photography Apps



The Google Play Store is a hub for third party applications to capture images that are known as camera apps. But usually these apps are overloaded with features and user interface problems that are extremely complex and not at all easy to use. Though Footej is an app that offers a simple easy to use interface that has all the basic tools to access quickly while capturing the perfect shot. The manual basic tools for photography are included at the bottom right corner of the app with no massive toolbar at the top of the application.  There are many shortcuts allowing users to change their ISO, focus, shutter speed, exposure as well as white balance and this app also allows its users to skip between auto and manual modes for focus and exposure swiftly. If the RAW version is supported by the users’ android device they can easily capture shots in it as well.

Photo/ Video Editing Apps

Power Director

Power Director is one of the most powerful video editing application that easily works on an Android phone. The editing view provided by the app is a multi-track editing view that consists of all the features and functionalities that a professionally made video editing application on desktop computers has. The users using Power Director editing app can easily and professionally go from single clips stored on android interface to a completed YouTube video that has introduction, background score, color corrections, filters, 4K outputs, transitional effects, slow motions, fast forward and many more functions included. With so many features and functions during the start this application can be a bit overwhelming for mew users but by watching some tutorials the users can get a knack of the application and within no time they can start making complete and amazing YouTube videos on their phone.

Productivity Apps

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite is the main component required by everyone. If the person has to edit or open a Word document or Excel Sheets or have to make a PowerPoint presentation they will have to take help from the Microsoft Office Suite at some point of their life. If there is no computer available or the user does not want to install all these applications on their PC then they can access them all directly through Microsoft Office Suite on their Android phones. This application does not come with a complete set of features such as the complex macros of excel and insertion of page numbers for MS word, but all the basic features are available and the user cam easily edit, create or save their documents and data on the Android phone.

Reading Apps



Kindle is a very popular application and is known as the king of e-book and e-reader market . This app is a creation of Amazon and has many features for reading lovers out there. By using Kindle application for Android devices, the users can easily get access to the Amazon’s enormous e-book collection that contains all the genre, advanced book marking, note taking, customization features of Kindle on Amazon as well as free of hassles synchronizations. The users can even upload their own e-books, documents as well as articles on Kindle and if someone loves to read e-books and are a fan of Amazon then this is the best application for them.

Root-Required Apps


Magisk claims itself to be a system less interface. This application provides root access as well as a system that is extremely powerful to flash the files and modules. This app can be easily used to flash multiple custom files that completely transforms the behavior and working of the operating systems and also inputs a range of new features as well without performing the flash of a whole new custom made Random Access Memory (ROM). Magisk is an application that does all that is stated here without including any complex recovery systems and also allows flashing of Xposed modules and it is better to browse the Magisk module repository to see if the application you are looking for is Magisk or not.

Security Apps

Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security application is a scanning and correcting app. If a user is spending too much time on the pirated applications then only they will require an antivirus app service for their Android phone otherwise they are good to go because most of the antivirus applications are harmful than to be beneficial for the phones. Even though viruses are not common for android devices we cannot ignore the malwares, that are dangerous. The malware has a system that gets in through smallest of small cracks and the unintentionally clicked advertisements starts a download that the user will not even notice. For such type of scenarios Malwarebytes Security is essential. This application does what its name tell that is it provides the best malware security and detection among all the Android apps. This application also look for viruses as well as threats to the device and an malware scan per month is enough to stay away from such problems.

Social Apps

Fenix 2

Fenix 2 is one the best applications providing its users with experience of Twitter for android. This application is very thoughtfully and creatively designed providing users with an amazing view for their tweet threads. Switching between accounts have never been easy but Fenix 2 lets the users to switch between multiple accounts easily and speedily. The main screen is customizable just like for any android user this is the main thing and there are many amazing previews gained by app from YouTube and Instagram.

Texting Apps

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is an SMS application that should have been built already by Google but anyway it is a simple and efficient app. This application is a fast SMS client available for android users that can be accessed through phones, Android watch as well as laptops and tablets. The SMS conversations can be accessed from any device that the android user wants. Few functions of the application includes adding unwanted users to blacklist, archiving old threads as well as pin the chats and many more. The users can utilize this application by sending their multimedia such as photos, videos and also by sharing their location with others or simply sending messages.

Utility Apps

Sesame Shortcuts

Sesame Shortcuts

Sesame Shortcuts attaches itself with the device search on android devices. By default,  Google search is activated on every device that displays the results from websites but not from the phone. Sesame Shortcuts directly shifts to a third party application launcher search feature such as Smart Launcher or Nova and displays the results from device as well as website and most importantly it shows the results from within the applications. Such as it can show the events, slack channels, subreddits, channels from YouTube, files from the Google drive and many more searches like these. This application has an unlimited trial period but comes with a reminder to upgrade to premium after every 14 days.

VPN Apps

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is a free and secure virtual private network app that has a simple user interface for android users. This application encrypts thee user data and does not store anything. There is a 500 MB allowance of data for free as soon as the user starts on a per month basis. If the user requires more data then they can for sure sign up for the premium plan. VPN services are risky if used but without them again there are risks. So if a user selects a bad service all their data can be tracked and hacked. Tunnel Bear is best in this depart as it is known for its privacy facilities and is one of the few virtual private network providers that has been audited by a third party software and is also known for its country selection options in their free plan while other require premium to allow users to select their desired country VPN.

What Are Your Favorite Android Apps?

There are thousands of apps out there for multiple purposes created for Android, these were some of the best apps that we knew about but we do know that there might be some that we have missed. So tell us which are the applications that you could not live without and are your favorites in the comments below!!

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