10 best Philips Hue apps for Android

In a world full of traditional and old smart lights, Philips Hue has its own name taking the first place. The smart lights created by Philips Hue diverge into a massive variety that is depended upon the designs of lights, multiple styles, types of bulbs used as well as the light strips. While selecting a smart light the decision of the buyer matters that is depended upon their preference and perspective of what they actually want. Then comes the competitors in the mix that may or may not provide the buyers with better functionalities and variety. Though Philips Hue however brings out a massive range of options and selections that has completely uncovered their material out in the open for all the third party developers to get it and to use it as per their desire. This page contains the list of all the Best and Top Philips Hue Applications ever created for the android users to enjoy. Some of these applications on the list are so great that they also support the LIFX lights that is none other than the top and huge competitor of the Philips Hue


Price: $ 1.39

AutoHue can do almost anything that the developers can say about it as this app simply controls the Philips Hue lights by using its Task plug in. The Tasker is still in a growing progress and is not at all recommended for users who want a simple and easy user interface as well as usage of the app. Though the customization feature and controlling power of this application is at its best. The users have full control over colors of lights, color loops, JSON scripts, the lights can blink up to multiple lengths and the brightness can also be increased and decreased as desired. Though in order to use this application the user has to learn the usage of Tasker so to enjoy the full application they have to learn Tasker and then get hold of the most finest Philips Hue application.

Hue Disco

Price: $ 3.99

Hue Disco is one of the best and most common name while discussing the Philips Hue apps for a variety of platforms which also include the Android users. This application simply works by tapping into the ability of the of the Hue to convert depending on the sound as the user have to play the music loud and then simultaneously have to run this application to synchronize. Then what happens is that the light colors, brightness and many more features change according to the music being played through the speakers of the user listening to it. There are a variety of functions included in this application and it also allows the user to customize it as per their desire. This app gives away the information that when the music has hit the rock bottom and will now not go any further from there. But along with so many pros there is a condition for this application to work properly and that is this application requires the user to have a Philips Hue Controller in their vicinity.


Price: Free or $ 5.49

HueDynamic us one of the most influential and powerful Philips Hue application available on this list. This app is created for its Android users and contains a fair amount of clean tricks in the pocket. This app contains features like setting of the lights even if there is no power connected or it has been cut, a massive collection of scenes to set, a huge range of customizations and more features are also included. There are some more cool features as well which include the multi bridge support  a camera functionality and multiple types of improved routines for the official Philips Hue applications. By pointing a camera towards the lights, the users can easy make the lights work with either still images or with a live video by adjusting the lights. There are many such heavy features present in the application that makes it a bit buggy but overall it is one of the best and simple apps available for Philips Hue on the market.

Hue Light

Price: Free or $ 1.99

In the Philips Hue apps family many applications have taken a part similarly Hue Light is no different. This application is also one of the newer applications created for android users under the category of Philips Hue apps. The functionality of this app is really simple as the users can simply connect it with their Philips Hue Bridge and then they can perform more functions as well. These features and functions include dimming and brightening of the lights, changing colors of the lights as well as managing and adjusting a set of lights or just solo lights individually in a single room and there are many other features too. This application contains same features for its premium versions as well as the free versions but the free version does contain few advertisements. The Hue Light is created for all Philips Hue apps users and there is no doubt that the first and second generation Philips Hue bridge users can also enjoy this application.

Hue Pro

Price: $ 1.99

Hue Pro is one of the names when talking about top best Philips Hue applications. This app has loads and tons of features like any stock application and this app also features a design similar to the stock apps. The functionalities of this app includes brightness control that is done by the brightness and dimming toggles, a variety of widgets, synchronization of music along with lights, presets of lights are included and much more that a user can imagine. There are a variety of unique and eccentric features too which include the lights controls while the user is not available at home and is staying some where far away. Hue Pro works best on the listed devices on which it has been tested already and also is a great tool to have on the unlisted devices as well as it works well on them too making it a diversified application. Though the only downside is that this app comes with a small price that is not too much but the refund policy secures all the money and saves the users from the trouble of getting spammed.

Hue Pro


Price: Free while includes in-app purchases

Lumio is quite a newer application in the market. This Philips Hue application is also designed for android users and have simple options and a easy user interface. There are easy features to this application that makes the users to perform simple and basic stuff for example turning on of the lights as well as turning them off then changing brightness values of the light, it also includes the changing of colors. This Lumio for Philips Hue apps holds the complete ability to change colors with just a few taps when compared to many other stock applications available on the market. Since there are not many features included, the Lumio does not compete in the functionality department with other applications but it is common among the users for having simplicity and easy usage though the app can be a bit unstable at the moment since the developers are still working on it as it is a newer application that has been just launched in the market but is one of the best.



Price: $ 1.99 to $ 3.99 each

MediaVibe almost similar to Scott Dobson is also a developer on Google Play Store. MediaVibe has created an amazing range of Philips Hue apps for Android devices and they all vary in styles, functions and more. This specific application that we are talking about includes a variety of profiles for the Philips Hue applications. These said profiles are greatly organized for multiple types of events for example these is a specific profile for Halloween similarly there are unique and pretty decent profiles included for Christmas, Fireworks and many more. These profiles also include a set of extremely eccentric profiles such as the profiles for World Cup or the game named as Twister and some more. The color of the profiles are designed in a way that they compliments the events for which they are being set and all such quirky profiles comes in distinct names and prices. Most of these applications fall into the category of cost below $ 2.99 and offers all of these contains almost the same features complimenting each other.


Price: Free or Up to $ 9.99

OnSwitch is one of the most excellent and remarkable Philips Hue application known to mankind. This application comes with a complete and direct support for all the LIFX lights and majority of the functions and features found within this application support both types of the smart lights. This application supports almost thirty light scenes and has a feature to manage bulbs within a group or solo bulbs can easily be managed through it. However, this application does not include many features and functions such as a stock application for such types of lights but it is a really good option for users that are looking for a single application that supports both types lf bulbs and want to have most control of their features. To check how the application works a free trial is available but after that the pro or premium version of this app requires a small amount of price for users to enjoy completely.


Philips Hue Official App

Price: Free

The official Philips Hue app was not so common before 2018. This official app for Philips Hue changed its game completely in 2018 as soon it was revitalized into its newer version that was redesigned and again imagined with addition of new functions and a completely new user interface. The stability of the application improved gradually making it a bit stable and some more features like synchronization with the music and movies as well as some other devices such as Razer were included. Along with these features, routines and introduction of scenes that switch on or off the lights and also includes the color changing functionality depending upon the time of the day was introduced in this new official app of Philips Hue. Developers are still working on making this application the best version of it so there may be some flaws found by users in the functions and features but these issues will be solved soon. This application is the best one of its kind as it does more work than the other applications present on this list so it is a highly recommended one on this list.

Philips Hue Official App

Scott Dobson Philips Hue apps

Price: Up to $ 2.99

Scott Dobson Philips Hue Apps are very common applications when talking about Philip Hue Apps. Scott Dobson is a developer present on Google Play and all of his apps are almost similar to the MediaVibe. This developer has launched many Philips Hue apps such application comes with a variety of themes and the examples include the Firestorm, Sound-storms as well as Thunderstorm. All of these themes are not just your ordinary themes! These themes are work in an entertaining manner for instance if we take the Thunderstorm theme version it brings forward the thunderstorms by producing bright and sparkly flashes of light and also includes production of stimulating lights. This application also include many customization features and options available and also has many type of settings available including the sound options too. To have all of these bases for the users and if the LIFX versions are included then this application cost a small fortune actually a low price that is of $ 2.99.

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