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There was a time when people were so fond of watching TV shows and movies. But as there was no other source to watch these shows, they used TV, dish and cables to get all such channels.

But with the time being, everything started changing. PCs were introduced and furthermore, smartphones were invented. People started watching stuff on these devices.

Android brought so many options for the people so they can watch stuff. Out of so many Android apps, ThopTV Premium APK is that application which provides unlimited movies and TV shows for free.

People can watch these shows and movies without paying anything. This application is free to download, anywhere from the internet directly.

It provides free of cost entertainment to the people as there are no monthly subscription charges for this application. People can watch movies, shows, listen to the radio and a lot more for free within this application.

This application has a number of amazing features which are enough to provide you the best streaming experience. Let’s head towards those brilliant features.

THOPTV Apk Free Download (Official)

   Name: Thoptv
  Developer: thoptv Ltd.
   Categtory: App
   Size: 14.5MB
 Package name:
   Version: v45.4.0
   Price: Free
   Release: December 28, 2020
   Availability: WorldWide
   Safety Check: Safe
   Language: English / Chines
 For Android: Yes
 App Requirements: Minimum Operating System: Android 4.4 +

Your device must have at least 1 GB of RAM to play HD content

Internet connection is required


THOPTV Download

ThopTv APK Features

The features of this application are quite amusing. Let’s have a look at all the features which make this application worth downloading.

Free to download

First of all, let’s talk about why this application is available for free. The developers of this application decided to keep it free for the audience because there are many paid apps over there.

They wanted to provide convenience to the viewers which is why they made this application easily downloadable from the internet. ThopTV Premium APK is available for free so that nobody has to pay for it.

Lots of sports channels

This application provides you access to a number of sports channels. A lot of people love sports and they want to watch different kinds of sports all day long. These sports channels contain all types of games and sports, and can be watched any time.

No monthly membership

There is no need to pay the monthly charges because this application does not have any. Unlike other streaming applications, this application has great features but it is still free to watch stuff.

This is why it’s users can stream the movies and tv shows for free the whole month, without worrying about paying in the end.

500 Indian channels

There are so many viewers in the whole world who love to watch the Indian channels. The viewership is quite large which is why this application contains 500 different Indian channels for its users.

These channels include the cartoon, drama, movie, news, sports and cooking channels which could be watched easily. While considering the big Indian media fan following, ThopTV Premium APK considered adding 500 Indian channels in its list.

HD streaming

HD streaming is the priority of every viewer because it offers the best experience. Clear video is the favorite of anyone because nobody wants to watch movies and favorite shows with poor quality revision.

So for enjoying the high quality resolution, and watching movies under best experience, switch to the ThopTV Premium APK. Because it is one of the best streaming apps that come for free.

Movies and TV channels

This application contains a large number like 3000 channels. These channels are of different quality and types which could be watched by anyone.

Those people who can’t use the pair applications like Netflix, this app is a great alternative for them. With so many channels and options, viewers can enjoy free content.

Customer support chat

This could be the most surprising features for any person because most of the free streaming apps do not contain any customer support chat.

If there is any problem within the application,l or you want to get some queries cleared, then the customer support chat is 24/7 available to resolve your matters and give you the perfect solutions.

User friendly interface

This application has a very simple and friendly user interface. The developers understand the need of the viewers to operate this application easily.

So, the controls and the complete set up is kept very simple. Even a kid can search his favorite show and start watching it because the simple user interface does not involve any special tricks to use this application.

Multiple categories

This application has multiple categories such as the sports, entertainment, cooking channels, cartoons, news, and a lot more. These categories are for everyone who has their own specific taste. This, ThopTV Premium APK is for everyone irrespective of anything.

Supports CAST and Firestick

ThopTV Premium APK is an Android application, which means it could be watched on the Android smartphones and tablets only. But, if someone wants to watch the same shows and movies on TV, then they can do it by using CAST and Firestick.

This application supports Firestick and CAST so the users can easily connect their televisions with this application to watch stuff.


While watching a foreign movie, there is an availability of subtitles. Even the users can get the subtitles from the external sources. With this feature, the users can easily get subtitles of any movie they do not understand the language of.

Favorites list

You can add several movies and TV shows in the favorites list. It happens so many times that you are already watching a certain show and then you see another good one.

Despite losing it forever, you can add it to your favorites list to watch it next time. In this way, you can save all your favorite shows and movies to watch later anytime.

Supports all Android versions

This application is compatible with all types of Android versions. Users can download ThopTV Premium APK on any Android device without any problem because this app will work great and smoothly.


Hence, this ThopTV Premium APK is a brilliant streaming application which could be the next favorite of every streamer. It is free to download, and extremely easy to use because of its user friendly interface.